Flexible strategies for client needs

Bayana Science can prepare personalized communication strategies for:

• A non-native English speaker requesting copyediting services

  1. A senior graduate student requiring coaching on drafting a first manuscript

  2. A group of researchers from a single laboratory formulating conference abstracts and presentations

  3. A postdoctoral researcher preparing a seminar for a job interview

  4. A principal investigator assembling a grant proposal

  5. A professor wishing to provide a workshop environment for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers struggling to publish their research

Flexible pricing for flexible strategies

At the beginning of the collaboration, Bayana Science drafts a payment and pricing proposal before work starts. Depending on the complexity of the project, the proposal may include a combination of flat rates and consulting fees. This way, you know from the beginning that you’re receiving the most cost-effective plan possible.

Our basic copy-editing fee is $0.10 per word. This competitive price does not include references or contact information. More advanced editing of narrative style or manuscript pre-review is available for a higher fee.

Need it fast? Rush jobs can be completed for $0.12 per word, $110 per hour.

Our consulting services are available for $95 an hour, plus pre-agreed expenses. Consulting services can be provided face-to-face, by Skype, or by telephone.

Our services

Bayana Science offers its clients a three-pronged approach to improving scientific communication:

  1. 1.Direct editing of manuscripts or presentations. At the simplest level, Bayana Science provides copyediting services, such as English grammar, style, and conformance to target journal (or audience) guidelines. More advanced levels of manuscript/presentation analysis are available, from detailed editorial commentary on narrative style and clarity, to pre-review of the manuscript in the style of peer-reviewed publications. Editing is performed using the “Track Changes” function in Microsoft Word, Pages for Mac, or LaTeX with TrackChanges.

  1. 2.Training and coaching for future scientific communication. Bayana Science is committed to providing rising scientists with the skills to communicate their results to the wider community. One-on-one sessions over the course of the drafting of a manuscript or presentation provide tailored coaching for the client. Workshops for 2-15 participants provide active learning environments for small cohorts of scientists-in-training drafting primary research manuscripts, grants proposals, or fellowship applications. The client receives personalized, intensive mentoring in the art and technique of communicating science, as well as access to resources for further self-guided training.

  1. 3.Developmental editing for textbooks and other manuscripts. Bayana Science supports authors and other team members at every stage in the complex process of bringing a book/textbook to publication. We help with pedagogical design, narrative management, copyediting, illustrations (Adobe Illustrator), mathematics (MathType, LaTeX, MatLab, R), code (perl, awk, java), version management (Dropbox, Git), permissions, marketing research, and coordination of authors, illustrators, and publishing staff.

Focus on your research

Bayana Science is committed to mutually fruitful, long-term collaborations. If you’d like Bayana Science to get to know you and your research, just let us know - we’re happy to read your papers and talk with your team.

Telephone: 650.319.8915



Need help writing that grant?

Bayana Science now offers personalized grant writing assistance. Contact us for details.